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Entry #1

Newcomer to NG, and justchecking in to say hi.

2010-09-16 02:14:19 by MikeE462

Hi NG,

I'm brand spankin' new here, and I'm just learning Flash as well. I hope to get up to speed and start putting out some fun and interesting animations / games here on NG. I have no idea what's in store, but I can guarantee that I'll be putting my heart into whatever I do... not... "literally"; although, should I create a Frankenstein Flash-Monster, I may need to use an appendage or two to get 'im up and running...

Damn! I think I've already revealed too much...
Lazer Pigeon!


Quickly! You must fly to the secret newgrounds headquarters, and erase this blog before it's too late! They know! They will see! Gyeaaaahhh! Goooooe! Go Pigeon, Go! Fast... like a... furiouslt fast... thing. Bah - just get outta here!


Yes... hehe... yes.... heheHehHa ha... YeS.... YES!!!!!! MUAH HA HA hHAhHAHh hAHhAHhHAHh HAHa!!!


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2010-09-16 06:29:35

Hello MikeE462, I suppose your Pigeon has botched the mission GAHAHAHA!

MikeE462 responds:

indeed... my plans have been revealed. XD :D... I'll have to upgrade my choice in animal minions. hmmmm...Perhaps a penguin-fisted walrus?