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2010-10-10 03:39:28 by MikeE462

There is nothing worse that could happen mid-project than having your computer fry out on you. i am a very sad panda today... Luckily I build my own rigs, so fixing it wont be a problem, but figuring out what went wrong... well, that's tricky. I've narrowed it down to either the power supply, or (gasp) the mobo.

Thing is, when the PCU goes there's a good chance it took whatever it was connected to down with it. Less power, or a short, means safety features could have fried too, which would mean that fixing it could require more than just a new PCU... (sigh).

Fortunately, all my work is backed up on an external, so it's not likely that any of my 'stuff' is gone. As soon as I get my rig fixed, or acquire some denero to build a new one, I have a few new flashes to upload to the portal.

#1. Walkcycle Redux: It was kinda lame of me to post such a simple thing. I understand that now, and after viewing many of the entries by the frequent flashers, I know I need to step up my game to hang with the big dogs here at NG. So I'm keeping the walk-cycle, but adding in a nice animated background to go with it: a scrolling perspective, and off-synced loops that will hopefully make it slightly different as it plays continuously.

#2. A Game: It's a new take on an old classic. I'll let it describe itself, but I will say that it has 100 levels, a bit of humor, a smidge of cartoony animation, and hopefully it's fairly addicting as well. I've learned a lot about ActionScript while making it, and I don't think it will be the last (or best) game I make with Flash.

#3. A Short: I'm going to try my hand at a straight-ahead short. I want to refrain from using tweens and hone my traditional animating skills as much as possible, but I can't really say if I'll hold myself to that just yet. I've been watching JAZZA's vids a lot lately, and he incorporates tweens in such a way that it isn't very noticeable, and it actually looks damn good. I have to say his work, and that of Adam Phillips are two of my favorites on NG (though I honestly don't know if this is where they got started).

So, yeah... computer woes atm, but soon enough I'll be plugged in again and back to learning Flash. I guess now is a great opportunity to brush up on my real-life drawing and sketching.

Hi NG,

I'm brand spankin' new here, and I'm just learning Flash as well. I hope to get up to speed and start putting out some fun and interesting animations / games here on NG. I have no idea what's in store, but I can guarantee that I'll be putting my heart into whatever I do... not... "literally"; although, should I create a Frankenstein Flash-Monster, I may need to use an appendage or two to get 'im up and running...

Damn! I think I've already revealed too much...
Lazer Pigeon!


Quickly! You must fly to the secret newgrounds headquarters, and erase this blog before it's too late! They know! They will see! Gyeaaaahhh! Goooooe! Go Pigeon, Go! Fast... like a... furiouslt fast... thing. Bah - just get outta here!


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